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Elevating Life Outcomes

Stronger Families for a Stronger Community

OVERVIEW {our work in the world + how we serve}

Center of Hope Family Services (COHFS) is a leading voice for removing barriers to achievement through culturally relevant and innovative programs and services that close the opportunity gap for those in need. By increasing access to high quality education, mental wellness services, job readiness, court advocacy, and family support, COHFS elevates life outcomes for low-wealth and marginalized children and adults.

COHFS is a family led 501(c)-3 not-for-profit organization that provides evidence based and culturally responsive programs and services for youth and adults. Our program offerings address widening education, criminal justice, and income gaps for individuals and communities who have been labeled “at-risk” or “in-need,” but who have often been treated as a commodity or a billable service. With a presence in the community for 25 years, COHFS fosters a culture that uplifts employees and customers, who work in partnership, to create innovative solutions that close gaps in criminal justice involvement and facilitate mental well-being, financial thriving and access to a quality education. Our focus is on programs with a measurable impact and real-world results.

Through education and enrichment programs, we seek to elevate hope and opportunity for those who have historically experienced limitations in terms of access and social support. By providing access to culturally relevant education, workforce development, and social and financial support when necessary, COHFS connects individuals, families and communities to critical resources for positive change. As a result, students develop academic, emotional, and social resilience; families are strengthened; communities become safer and more livable; and, together, we create a more just and equitable society, at the same time eliminating the inefficient use of tax dollars currently designated to support social services and criminal justice interventions that do not work.

VISION {our desired outcome + why we do what we do}

COHFS envisions a world that is fair, equitable and just for all, where all individuals are treated with respect and have full access to opportunities for education and enrichment.

MISSION {our purpose + what we do + the outcomes we achieve}

To elevate life outcomes for individuals and groups by removing barriers to access and providing opportunities to thrive. COHFS fosters opportunities for education and enrichment to create stronger families for stronger communities, providing culturally relevant programs and services that give hope and opportunity for those who have been marginalized.

VALUES {what informs our work + why it matters for those we serve}


  • Authenticity
  • Accountability
  • Advocacy


  • Elevation
  • Enrichment
  • Education


  • Respect
  • Relationships
  • Real Change