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Center of Hope Results

Committed to Community. Rooted in Research.

At Center of Hope Family Services, we believe that evaluation is essential to the success of any programming. That’s why we are dedicated to reviewing and evaluating our programs at every opportunity. 


Family Education Program

Center of Hope's Family Education program achieved the following outcomes:

  • 82% of parents improved in one or more domains of parenting knowledge/attitudes
  • 40% improved their attitudes regarding expectations of children
  • 31% improved their attitudes regarding parental empathy
  • 31% improved their attitudes regarding use of corporal punishment
  • 37% improved their attitudes regarding parent/child family roles
  • 43% improved in their attitudes regarding children’s power/independence.

ENGAGE Workforce Development

Through our ENGAGE Workforce Development program, CHFS has equipped parents with necessary skills to manage the demands of parenting, adjust to the workforce and remain engaged, and become positive contributors to the community around them.

Program participants achieved the following results:

  • 27% reduced their personal challenges to employment
  • 67% increased their ongoing career management skills
  • 53% were employed at the end of the program

Using reliable and valid assessment instruments, CHFS developed research-informed case plans, focusing on development of soft-skills, computer literacy, and interview preparation.

At the beginning of the program:

  • 56% of clients were not ready for employment
  • 28% were minimally ready for employment
  • 16% were fully ready for employment

At the end of the program:

  • 67% of clients improved in employability, despite their indicated barriers
  • 59% of clients improved to being fully ready for employment

Center of Hope Family Services


ELEVATE is a comprehensive after-school programming for MLK School for Boys and Old West End Academy students

Increased reading performance                                 

  • ELEVATE students: 50%                                                             
  • Statewide average: 30%

Increased math performance   

  • ELEVATE students: 56%                                                             
  • Statewide average: 31%

Attendance rate                                                   

  • ELEVATE students: 74%                                                             
  • Statewide average: 20%

2015 Program Results:

  • Student attendance rate was 74%
  • 50% of students increased their reading test scores, compared to the state average of 30% for 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • 56% of students increased their math test scores, compared to the state average of 31% for 21st Century Community Learning Centers
  • 53% of students scored at or above acceptable performance in reading
  • 98% of students scored at or above acceptable performance in math

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