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Empowering families to Nurture children, Galvanize supports, Access resources, and Gain meaningful Employment

Workforce Development Return on Investment

ENGAGE gives Lucas County parents a chance to grow and develop by offering helpful parenting and life-skills training. The program also provides workforce and job-skills education to help parents become successful, stable providers for their families.

Through the ENGAGE program, Lucas County parents gain:

  • Parenting and relationship skills to become successful providers and role models
  • Career, work ethic, and job-seeking training
  • Access to job-placement services
  • Referrals to GED preparation and other Lucas County assistance programs

ENGAGE Results

At the beginning of the 2013 program:

  • 56% of clients were not ready for employment
  • 28% were minimally ready for employment
  • 16% were fully ready for employment

At the end of the 2013 program:

  • 67% of clients improved in terms of employability – despite their indicated barriers
  • 59% of clients completing the program improved to being fully ready for employment

In addition, program participants achieved the following results:

  • 27%  reduced their personal challenges to employment
  • 67%  increased their on-going career management skills
  • 53%  were employed at the end of the program

The ENGAGE program was developed based upon best practices in workforce development, parenthood, relationship, life skills education, domestic violence and maltreatment prevention, but is customized based to integrate your priorities and needs. To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill out the form below.