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Family Education

Building Stronger Families

CHFS, in partnership with Lucas County Job and Family Services, Lucas County Juvenile Courts and the United Pastors for Social Empowerment, provides evidence based parenting education and mentoring to Lucas County men in arrears on child support payments. CHFS uses evidence models that prepare fathers to: 

  • Foster a sense of self-worth, personal empowerment, empathy, bonding, and attachment
  • Provide alternative strategies to harsh and abusive disciplinary practices
  • Increase knowledge of age-appropriate developmental expectations
  • Reduce abuse and neglect rates

This collaboration is part a larger Fatherhood Initiative, a national effort to strengthen the role of faith based and community organizations facilitating economic recovery, responsible fatherhood, and stronger communities. In 2012, participants in the CHFS parenting education program were more than 2 times as likely to make child support payments, attain and retain employment, pursue education and training, and engage positively with their children than non participants in the CHFS education program.

Family Education Results

In 2014-2015, CHFS achieved the following outcomes

  • 80% improved in one or more domains of parenting knowledge
  • 60% improved in 2 or more domains of parenting knowledge
  • 40% improved in 3 or more domains of parenting knowledge
  • 30% improved in 4 domains of parenting knowledge

In 2013, CHFS achieved the following outcomes:

  • 82% of parents improved in one or more parenting domains
  • 57% improved in 2 or more domains 
  • 25% improved in 3 or more domains
  • 6% improved in 4 domains
  • 40% improved their attitudes regarding expectations of children
  • 31% improved their attitudes regarding parental empathy
  • 31% improved their attitudes regarding use of corporal punishment 
  • 37% improved their attitudes regarding parent/child family roles 
  • 43% improved in their attitudes regarding children’s power/independence.

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