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Consultation Services

Consultation and Workshops

Dr. Perryman is a recognized expert in getting results for individuals who have been labeled as at-risk. The secret to her success is that she employs contemporary, data-driven and evidence-based interventions that are culturally relevant and get results. Recently, she worked with an independent evaluation firm to conduct a social return on investment for the programs she designed for Center of Hope Family Services. Findings revealed that Center of Hope generates $6.00 in community savings for every $1.00 invested. For more information on our return on investment, please watch this video. Dr. Perryman's successes established her as a thought leader in developing programs that WORK for marginalized individuals

Dr. Perryman has provided consultation and training workshops to governmental agencies, national and regional foundations, and non-profit agencies in the following areas:

  • High Quality Program Development and Implementation
  • Culturally Relevant Program Development and Implementation
  • Youth Development Best Practices
  • How to Develop Sustainable Program Processes
  • Data Collection Analysis and Reporting Systems Development
  • Family Engagement in Youth Development Programming
  • Family Engagement in Juvenile Justice System Reform

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Perryman is an energetic, dynamic, motivating, and engaging speaker that inspires individuals, families, and communities to ELEVATE their aspirations, ways of being, and ways of doing business. Dr. Perryman has served as a featured speaker for a number of governmental agencies, national foundations, universities, conferences, and workshops. To name a few, Dr. Perryman has been an invited speaker for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Georgetown University, the City University of New York, Goldman Sachs, and the Center for Public Justice. Past topics have included:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Growth and Motivation
  • Empowering Communities
  • Empowering and Engaging Families

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