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Cooking Up Hope Program

Welcome to “Cooking Up Hope,” a monthly program that allows parents to connect with one another, ask questions about supporting their children in school, and prepare a delicious meal together. The program is free of charge, and all food preparation items are provided. Please complete all of the information below to enroll in this exciting program!

To Enroll:

If you Receive Public Benefits such as Cash, Food, Medicaid, or Publicly Funded Childcare:

STEP 1: Please obtain a scanned or photo copy of your Government issued ID AND Summary of Public Benefits.

To obtain your summary of public benefits online, and you already have set up an account, click here:

To obtain your summary of public benefits online and you have NOT already set set up an account, click here:, and click "sign up" at the top right corner of the page.

STEP 2: Complete the Cooking up Hope enrollment application here: 

If you Do Not Receive Public Benefits:

STEP 1: Obtain a scanned or photo copy of:

I. Proof of Lucas County residency. Examples may include: A Government ID or Utility bill.  

II. Proof of a minor child in your home. Examples may include: 

  1. Child support order
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Guardianship/Custody documents
  4. Report card (with the child’s name AND parent name)
  5. Letter from school (with the child’s name AND parent name)
  6. ODJFS Form 7038. 

STEP 2: Complete the Cooking Up Hope enrollment application here: