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Center of Hope Family Services - News & Updates

August Stakeholder Letter

Dear Stakeholder:

Thank you very much for all your support of Center of Hope Family Services. We have had a blessed year and we look forward to finishing 2021 strong and moving into 2022.

I wanted to update you on a growing area for the Center of Hope: creating culturally competent programming in the areas of health and mental health promotion. The use of the arts to help people of all ages change their lives is a key part of the Center of Hope difference.

Our most recent video is at the top of this email. This video is designed to help parents and caregivers understand the stress young people are experiencing, while also providing a few tips for how they can promote mental health in children.

A previous video, which focused on the reality that mental health challenges affect communities of color at an almost 10% higher rate than whites, reached millions of people on earned and paid digital platforms. We look forward to reporting similar results with our new video.

As a key stakeholder, I know that you are aware of the Center of Hope’s strong commitment to evaluating and demonstrating impact. Earlier, I shared the academic results from our 6-week summer program in Sylvania.

"ELEVATE has been amazing for them. They’ve been able to exercise their social skills in a safe and neutral setting. They’ve learned so much from this opportunity!  We are so grateful.”—Sylvania Parent

This month, I wanted to share the progress we made with our students on the socio-emotional front. Many times, this area of child development is viewed as being less important than academic development. Our philosophy is that socio-emotional development is a foundational element of sustainable success and we track it accordingly.

I am pleased to report that we met our goals during our summer program in Sylvania. During the summer program, our evaluation indicated that most parents report gains from their children in the following areas:

Sylvania ELEVATE

Mean Score

% of parents with a positive score (3.50+)







Social Awareness



Relationship Skills



Responsible Decision Making



All Categories Combined



Thank you very much for your support of Center of Hope Family Services. Please stay in touch.