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Center Of Hope Partners With USDA To Provide Fresh Meals To 300 Families Weekly:

As the world desperately attempts to heal from a global pandemic, Center of Hope Family Services decided to act and serve those needing a helping hand with nutritious foods. The Center of Hope’s Hands of Hope program is providing 12,000 pounds of fresh meat, produce, and dairy items to 300 families every week.

“I think being able to provide especially at a time like this when unemployment is high and families are just trying to figure out how they make it day to day, this is one less thing that they have to think about or worry about,” said Cynthia Savage, the Project Coordinator for Hands of Hope.

Every Friday since this past May, local churches and families in the Toledo community have been receiving food thanks to a USDA food disparity grant. However, it is more than receiving free food for these individuals.

We find that the informal, warm interactions and discussions around the meals are the most important feature for parents and family members. For we know when families and communities are at the center of what we do and when we truly provide services that close gaps in opportunity and access our families and our communities will rise to the occasion and they will thrive.

Please take a moment to watch this video, describing the Hands of Hope program in more detail.