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ELEVATE! Sylvania: Afterschool Program Results

Dear Stakeholder:

We just completed our summer programming, and I wanted to send you an update about what the Center of Hope did this summer!

We were very blessed to have the opportunity to provide our award-winning ELEVATE program to students in the Sylvania School District.

We have had great partners in Sylvania. We worked closely with Sylvania Area Family Services and the Sylvania Schools in making this summer program a reality. They all recognized the need for services to at-risk youth in their community and were committed to putting programming in place to help them.

When we did our research, we learned that at specific schools in Sylvania, there were 38% of students on free or reduced lunches. Unfortunately, that is just below the Ohio Department of Education’s funding threshold of 40%. Center of Hope Family Services would like to thank our local donors who helped us fill that gap: Huntington Bank, Kingston Healthcare Company, Lucas County Job and Family Services and the Ohio Department of Education.

As you have come to expect from the Center of Hope, we rigorously evaluated our program. We were thrilled when we saw the progress these students made during ELEVATE in just six weeks:

  • 53% of students demonstrated improvements in Reading.
  • 76% of students demonstrated improvements in Math
  • 75% of students experienced improvement in social-emotional learning.
  • 64% of parents reported both academic and social-emotional improvements in their children.

The Center of Hope is proud of our kids and our team. In their hands, the ELEVATE model continues to get results with at-risk youth.

We are continuing our efforts in Sylvania. When the regular school year begins, we will offer after-school programming to students in Sylvania, again working with Sylvania Area Family Services.

Thank you for your interest in the Center of Hope. Please stay in touch.