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Center of Hope Family Services - News & Updates

June Stakeholder Letter

Dear Stakeholder:

The Center of Hope is finally back! We were so happy to begin hosting ELEVATE live and in person again! Our summer program is operating—with a waiting list—and we are getting ready for this Fall.

As you know, we believe in measurement at the Center of Hope. With that in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to take a minute and look at the results from the ELEVATE program during the pandemic.

I am so proud of our team and our kids. They were resilient, they adapted and they excelled.

We also learned some things from the pandemic as well. Virtual learning has drawbacks, but it also has some advantages.

For example, virtual learning allows us to draw from a national pool of instructors. This is helpful, especially in the enrichment elements of our program.

Additionally, virtual learning allows us to scale the program up and serve more kids at more locations. Our popular “Cooking with Mrs. P” class can be offered to multiple locations at the same time, as it is now.

While we will likely want to forget much of 2020, I will always remember how Center of Hope responded to the crisis. That’s because it showed that we are becoming the organization that I want us to be: innovative, data-driven, and forward-thinking.

We are applying the lessons of the pandemic and using them to create a stronger program for the future--so that we can have a bigger impact on more children and lift up families and our communities in the process.

Your support has been invaluable to getting us here, and it will be invaluable moving forward. Please keep in touch.