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The Latest News from Center of Hope Family Services

Program Success: Your Return on Investment

There’s an old saying that an elephant can’t walk through the desert without leaving tracks. When you apply that idea to the practice of educating and empowering people, it translates to something like this: if you’re impacting people, there should be some proof…some tracks left behind.

ELEVATE! Sylvania: Afterschool Program Results

We just completed our summer programming, and I wanted to send you an update about what the Center of Hope did this summer! We were very blessed to have the opportunity to provide our award-winning ELEVATE program to students in the Sylvania School District. We have had great partners in Sylvania...

Stakeholder Letter Food Insecurity

I hope this letter finds you well. Spring is here and as vaccinations become available we are beginning to see hope that we will come out of pandemic living and return to some semblance of normal.  ELEVATE is meeting in person again and we are as excited to see the students as they are to see us. 

Stakeholder Update COVID Media Coverage

As we wind down 2020, I wanted you to know that we are keeping very busy at the Center of Hope.

August Stakeholder Letter

Thank you very much for all your support of Center of Hope Family Services. We have had a blessed year and we look forward to finishing 2021 strong and moving into 2022.

June Stakeholder Letter

The Center of Hope is finally back! We were so happy to begin hosting ELEVATE live and in person again! Our summer program is operating—with a waiting list—and we are getting ready for this Fall.